Anix is a new-siter who lives in Australia. She created the WWYS thread and the Truth or Dare thread on Games and Silliness. Her full user is Anix_Nightshade. She was briefly a member of the Rosa clan/Rosalution. She created the family Litriocht. She is also the creator of the Discord server for the New Heroes of Olympus Roleplay. Her Nano twin is Skye, username Audreyskye. Her Nano bro is Rogue (RogueStorm5), her sisters are Mysty (MystyofMountControlius) and Rosa (Rosamind)... Not including the Nanolandfam. She created the Nanoland RP, in which Nanoers fall into Nanoland and chaos ensues. She is currently twelve years old as of 2017, and has been banned from Nano by the mods for being too young. She is on the Discord server and the Hangouts, and her Wattpad account is Anix_Litriocht. If you need to contact her, try her Instagram: @anix_the_fangirl ; or her anon email .

There are rumours that she has returned to the YWP under a different name, but these rumours are UNTRUE, UNFOUNDED, and SLANDER. She would NEVERRRRRR do that.