Le Kwami  Inn is a freeform randomness role play created by FeatherKwami. It can currently be found in the Role Playing forum.


Le Kwami Inn was started by FeatherKwami in Games and Silliness. Soon, many people had joined, between fifteen and twenty, and the thread reached a thousand posts. A lot of fighting and bitterness was going around Games and Silliness at the time, and the main post was flagged by an anonymous user for unknown reasons (likely because of it's pseudo role play format). Panic ensued among Inn-goers as the main post was automatically shut down until a Mod could review it. The Mods disappeared for eleven days, until coming back and moving the thread to Role Playing, where it can be found and joined today.


After the Great Wipe of 2017, the Inn will be rebooted by FeatherKwami (FeathersOfZelda) in Games and Silliness.

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