Overview Edit

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MissNicoleBirdy is a graduated YWP user. She started many successful threads such as Curious People Ask Other Curious People Questions (later rebooted as Curious People Ask Other Very Curious People Questions) and rebooted The Mailbox of Unsent Letters. She has yet to finish any of her writing but we are sure that one day (hopefully soon) she will! You can find her all over social media using the username MissNicoleBirdy and on Youtube using the name Nicole Birdy. Also, she is soops cool <3.

Discord Edit

Nicole is one of the founders of the Curious People Discord Server, founded after the locking of the original Curious People thread. She is active on there and can still be found there today.

The Nickname Edit

For some strange reason, Pugapocalypse has begun calling MissNicoleBirdy "Nicku". There is no apparent reason for this, at least that Pugapocalypse has let slip. The nickname "Nurky" has also been bestowed upon MissNicoleBirdy, courtesy of user celestial_ink.

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