On the YWP forums, there are over 3000 threads in 20 sub-forums, with Recess generally the most popular, though Games and Silliness and Fan Clubs, Video Games, and Websites are close seconds. Some threads are counting games, in which two groups, typically members of a fandom, battle between ships, characters, or even fandoms. Some threads are advice columns of sorts, most often taking the form "Ask ___" where a NaNo-er answers questions asked by other users. Still others are groups in which like-minded NaNo-ers can gather and talk about their lives, hobbies, or shared ideas.

Following is a list of the most popular threads on the YWP site.

In Recess Edit

Curious people ask other curious people questions, later rebooted as Curious People Ask Other Very Curious People Questions, was created by MissNicoleBirdy on October 26, 2016 and is currently the largest thread on the site, with nearly 12,000 posts in the old thread and 12,000 and counting in the new one. It is one of the more controversial threads, and some debates have had to be removed, though it was civil for the most part. The new thread was created when the old one got too large to moderate, and was locked by the moderators. A few hours later, a new one was opened with a set of rules that will hopefully ease the moderators' lives.

How's Your Love Life? (Or Lack Thereof?) is a thread in which NaNo-ers discuss the windfalls, pitfalls, and confusing weirdness of falling in love (or not falling in love, as the case may be). It was started by Ripping_Ink as a place for people to talk about "Whether it's fictional characters, your best friend, the one you lowkey stalk or you don't care and just enjoy the angst of others, here's where to talk about it! If this is your first post on the thread, you have look up your favorite celebrity/book character and tell us something you didn't know about about 'em. Now go! Be free!"

The Mailbox of Unsent Letters, often shortened to Unsent letters, is a way for users to yell at themselves, talk about what's going on in their lives, or even communicate with other NaNo-ers (though this defies the name). Recently, some people posted letters which sparked controversy, so the mods added a warning not to post letters which could be read by their intended non-recipients.

In Games and Silliness Edit

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