PurrfectGirl Edit

PurrfectGirl joined NaNoWriMo on November 10, 2012. She has participated in every NaNo since. PurrfectGirl, known as Purr on the forums, has published three of her books so far and plans on publishing her newest one soon. Purr's username on the old site is the same as the one on the new site, she doesn't like change.

Life Outside of NaNo Edit

Purr enjoys many hobbies, her favorite being art. She is skilled in charcoal, paints, ink, and colored pencil. She's working on getting her digital art skills up to par. Purr has two sisters, both of which are on the YWP. She also has a irl friend on the YWP. Purr has two dogs, a German Shepherd and a Malamute mix, who are freaking adorable.

Trivia Edit

- Purr loves Nutella. A lot.

- Purr is a furry. (Not the weird kind, promise.)

- Purr reads enjoys many books, including, Wings of Fire, Harry Potter, Divergent, the Mazerunner, Warriors, The Unwanteds, Calvin and Hobbes, and many, many, more.

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