Founded by PurpleDragon on December 14th, 2016, The New Heroes of Olympus quickly became a popular roleplay. It is based upon Rick Riordan's books, involving not just demigods but one Egyptian magician and a few Norse demigods/einherjar. In it, Chaos is revealed to be the main enemy. 



Teàrlag Eileen, 17 years of age, female, daughter of Apollo. [Rosamind] Not much is known about Teàrlag's character. She used to travel with the Hunters but never became one. She is a normal daughter of Apollo who somehow got caught up in the war.

Michael Shores, 17 years of age, male, son of Hephaestus, [Purple_Wolf] Michael was shipped with Arissa in the ship Marissa, but there seems to be some trouble with Marissa ((COLLIN...)).

Violet Harper, 16 years of age, female, daughter of Poseidon, [Greyskies] Violet is a helpful character, and was the first to find Arissa on the beach.

Clio Thomas, 16 years of age, female, daughter of Hecate [SailorBelle] Clio is rarely RPed, and not much in the plot.

Anix Chase, 11 years of age (now immortal), female, daughter of Athena [Anix_Annabeth] Anix is a daughter of Athena, a Hunter of Artemis (she became a Hunter after meeting Anise and a bunch of other stuff), and has telepathic ability due to the new powers gained by children of Athena born  after the Parthenos was freed.

Anise Cant, 14 years of age (was immortal before the RP began, actual age unknown, female, daughter of Ouranos [audreyskye] Anise Cant is the lieutenant of Artemis (the lead Hunter) and a daughter of Artemis. Known to possibly be romantically involved with Nico di Angelo, thanks to BALDER... Set the quest in motion because she was sent by Artemis to gather the seven (this has not been followed up on and there are way more than seven)

+Bennedict (Ned) Chelsy (16-male) {Jupiter} [QueenAlice] +Justin (Will) Carter (15-male) {Aphrodite} [QueenAlice] +Teagan Blair (12-female) {Hecate} [ThetaSigma]  +Katrina "Kitty" Rosewood (12-female) [Kitkatrth] +Arissa (15-female) {Poseidon} [Mage] +Kyla Hunt (16-female) {Greek and Roman, unknown} [audreyskye] +Alex Rider (17-female) {Hades} [Purple_Wolf] +Rachel (14-female) {Athena} [ThetaSigma] + Zoey Leventis (19-female) {Dionysus} [SailorBelle] + Ashton Wake (17-female) {Hypnos} [Purple_Wolf] +Sebastian Abaraxas (18-male) {Hades} [xXBenXx]


Collin Tonse (17-male) {path of Osiris} [Sparks aka QueenAlice]

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