Fish has been on the YWP since October 2015. Her username on the new site is unkeyboardinated, and her old site username is something she *ahem* really doesn't want to talk about because it used her IRL name. She was nicknamed Fish by Cinder long time back. She doesn't remember why, but it stuck. Nickname variations include Fisch, Fishy, Fishyfoo, Swishy Fishy, Fishy Fwooshy, and the list goes on.

As you can probably assume by now, Fish's pronouns are she/her. Her sexuality is a mystery right now, but she's a member of QUILTBAG and is certainly not straight.

Fish isn't currently super active on the YWP, but you can find her on the Curious People Discord server where she is a moderator and posts frequently.

When she isn't writing, Fish enjoys theatre, drawing, the occasional graphic design, screaming, fangirling, and pointlessly farting around on the Internet.

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